How do Patch Makers Attach Velcro (hook and loop fastener) to Patches?

Do you use glue, or do you stitch?

Using glue to attach Velcro to patches or other clothing products is a bad idea. The glue is less permanent and stronger than the stitching. Velcro backing peels off when it’s glued sometimes. This attaching method must be avoided unless requested by a customer. Some patch manufacturers use this method to save their production time and cost. Stitching Velcro backing to a patch takes time and effort.

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Stitching is way better than glue

Stitching or sewing is the ultimate solution. Most patch manufacturers always recommend their customers sew the patches on clothing. When a patch manufacturer attaches the Velcro to custom embroidered or leather patches, they stitch the hard side of the Velcro to the back of the patch. The stitched Velcro backing does not peel off even if you wash the garment 50 times.

When to glue Velcro to a patch?

Most patch manufacturers use glue to attach Velcro backing to a patch when they get a specific request for it. Some clothing designers want to stick their brand logo as a patch (Embroidered – Leather – PVC), but they don’t want to show stitching because the stitch line is not a part of their registered logo or trademark. Experienced patch makers use glue specially made for clothing.

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