Branded Caps with Custom Logo VS Private Brand Label Caps

Cap resellers and Promo distributors often receive orders for custom hats; their customers need caps in bulk with their logo embroidered.

There are two common ways to fulfill this type of order:

The first is to buy blank branded caps (NewEra, Richardson, Flexfit, and others) and send them to an embroidery service for direct embroidery or custom patches attachment.

The other option is to send the order to a cap manufacturer who makes custom caps with a private brand label.


I want to ask two simple questions. Your answers will help other cap resellers. I will publish the answers in my next article, which I will send to promo distributors, sign and banner agencies, sporting goods and sportswear companies.

  1. Do you buy branded blank caps and send them to your decorator to be embroidered?

If your answer is yes, please tell me which blank cap brands you prefer.

  1. Have you ever purchased custom caps with your brand label / private label caps?

If your answer is no, then please tell me why? What are the reasons behind this?

  1. Have you ever used to source private-label hats and other clothing?

If your answer is yes, how was your experience with overseas manufacturers?

Richardson 112 hat with custom patches

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You Can Easily Make Extra Money

If a group of resellers only buys hats from blank brands and gets them embroidered locally, they might be missing opportunities of making more profit. They can make more money by offering private-label hats to their customers.

For example, if you get an order of 100 or more custom caps, it seems a good idea to use a cap manufacturer. You can charge more to your customers for attaching their brand labels to their hats. Just talk to your customer.

You Can Build Up Your Hat Brand

You can easily build your cap brand. If a customer needs mesh-back caps at a low price (The cheapest cap brands are “Valucap” and “YP Classics”), you can offer your own “brand” to your customer. A cap manufacturer can quickly put your brand label with your ordered caps.

If you buy 100 caps from a less expensive brand (YP Classics, Valucap, or others) for your customers, those caps won’t bring you new customers or referrals, but caps with your brand label will get you many referrals.

You don’t need to spend anything to build your cap brand. You have to convince your customers. Keep some cap samples ready to show to your customers. This private label caps deal is suitable for an order of 100 or more hats. Most cap manufacturers can make 100 hats with a logo at $7 to $8.


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